News Item

Dec 1, 2017
Versantis welcomes Prof. Jonel Trebicka as Medical Lead

Prof. Trebicka is Head of the University of Bonn’s Laboratory for Liver Fibrosis and Portal Hypertension since 2012 in the Department of Internal Medicine. He is a recognized authority in the translational and clinical research on liver fibrogenesis, vascular liver disorders, and end-stage liver diseases. Prof. Trebicka will support Versantis' clinical activities and design VS-01 clinical program and strategy. 

Versantis secured an additional research funding to advance the R&D for its ammonia diagnostic test TS-01

Financing for a research collaboration with ETH Zurich has been secured from the Swiss Innovation Promotion Agency KTI/CTI for the development of TS-01 - an robust, precise, and flexible ammonia quantification test. These funds will be spent to optimize the technology and bring the current prototype to a validated device for hospital and point-of-care uses.