News Item

Oct 1, 2015
Versantis attends an Innovation Task Force meeting at the EMA and consolidated its preclinical, clinical, and regulatory plan.

The Innovation Task Force (ITF) is a multidisciplinary group at the EMA that includes scientific, regulatory, and legal competences. It was set up to ensure coordination across the European Medicines Agency and to provide a forum for early dialogue with applicants.

The robust science behind Versantis’ technology is rewarded by The Phoenix Group

Versantis congratulates V Forster, Versantis CEO, JC Leroux, Professor at the Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences ETH Zürich and Versantis co-founder, as well as all the co-authors of the following manuscript awarded by The Phoenix Group Award in the category Pharmaceutical Technology: “Liposome-supported peritoneal dialysis for detoxification of drugs and endogenous metabolites. Science Translational Medicine 6, 258ra141 (2014)”. This is a great recognition of the robust science behind Versantis’ technology.

With its annual prize the PHOENIX Group awards the best scientific work in pharmaceutical research in German-speaking countries. This award is one of the most prestigious science prizes in this region and constitutes a focal point for the company's R&D activities.